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Greetings and GOOD Morning everyone!


AND how is your creating going?  Our month off is nearly at the end … so I thought I would shed some light on the upcoming projects …


#1 – JULY = Christmas in July (as in making Christmas presents for your friends with dolls).  Now the spoon sprite is a great example of how to make something very special for a little amount of time. 


PLEASE DO NOT discuss on the list possible ideas for this theme – UNTIL July.  Lately I have been letting everyone know what is going to happen – and by the time the actual month project comes along – there is nothing else to post about <G>.  Soooo lets keep all the fun ideas for July lst.


#2 – JULY 22nd is the Lady Violet class online.  This is for those that have a kit OR are in the SECRETS online class group (which is the majority of you here on the list).


#3 – Venetian Masquerade or Renn Riches is the project – theme for August – finishing up the sample this week so we will know for sure <G>.


#4 – September is Laurie’s fun fall project


#5 – November is our Christmas project


AND that should round out the year!


Whooo hooo!  Lots of creating fun.


Pearl V.
Adriana Stam-Quint


Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...
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