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Website Help

This website is like a bank.  You have a set email address and a password to make an account.  Once you have an account - it is safe, you can use it to log into groups, see past orders - when things are shipped and many other new features I have yet to activate in 2024.

The photos below show you how to log into PUBLIC Groups, such as those used for MDL projects.  We now have all the information for MDL

... on my website due to cost (i.e. keeping this a FREE group)

The MDL Public group will hold the project information - as well as game and fun party information in the coming year. 

So log in - write down your

EMAIL and PASSWORD used (that is all there is to it).  And you are set!

Serena has offered to help those log in (those please use the explicit photos below first - to save on her volunteer time).  Her email address is

After you hit SIGN UP, an email will be sent to you - simply follow directions and wait for me to approve you.  Thats it!
Please know that I go online 1x a day (this includes approving), 
so kindly allow 24 hours for approving.

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