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LADY VIOLET is finished ... and those that ordered her and Laurie's Fall project - will be sent together tomorrow. I have already a third of her orders done and boxed up ... whooo hooo! Thank you for your patience from the original APRIL debut date.

Now for those that didn't pre-register .... I put 5 more kits into the online store if you would like to take part in this upcoming class/kit.

She is an upcoming magazine tutorial as well.

Laurie Smoot

LAURIE's fall project doll update

#1 ... all the doll bodies that are paid for - are boxed and tracking# sent out for PO pickup today. All done

#2 ... I poured TWO more - just incase someone at the last moment wanted one - they too will go in the mail tomorrow (simply go to to buy)

5 hours ago

These are sold out.


Greetings everyone!

Laurie's Fall project (doll body only) is in my online store right now. I added 5 kits for tonight - so any MDL members that wanted one had a chance from this morning's announcement.


Was there a picture of the doll body? They were all sold when I went to see the posting. Is it a particular doll that she will be working with? I plan to cast soon and thought I might cast a couple just in case if I have the mold needed.




Our very first RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) doll from Cathy H. I wanted to share her amazing work with you ....

AND for all those that donated supplies - a chance to see your gift on a doll!

Cathy's 2nd box goes out next weekend. Can't wait to see what she does with those items!

Charlene T

Nice job on your first doll, Cathy! And her bodice is fabulous! ;)



Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...
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