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Greetings and GOOD Morning everyone!


Few reminders …


#1 … I will be teaching – NEXT MONDAY a full hour class on the Yellow dress/doll from the MDL current doll project for FREE.  The pattern and pdf tutorial will ONLY be found on the (free to join) MDL LEARN GROUP.


IF you are new – LEARN GROUPS … are simply a holding place for files in lieu of having to pay for a website.  Joining a LEARN GROUP is easy – just two options to log in (like a bank) – your email and password.  That is the ONLY two things you need to print out and type in to access the free files.


#2 … There are several of you that are attempting to gain access to the OTHER LEARN groups <G> as well as the FREE MDL group.  I know many are new – but a reminder …. A LEARN GROUP holds the tutorials/files to individual dolls (like ROBERT Steampunk) or my SECRETS class group.  These are paid registrations and you are only allowed if you sign up.


#3 …I took the Yellow porcelain sample out of the kiln today – and its PERFECT color for the upcoming tutorial/pattern (Yellow Titanic dress – doll). 


#4 … IF you pour porcelain – and would like enough in a zip lock baggie to pour your own legs – for just cost – I will share!  Here is cost

$6 shipping US.  $1 for box, zip lock baggie = $7.  There are 6 available …. Cheryl from NM you were first on the list, so 5 more.


EMAIL bruce Burton (he is the one handling this/shipping – my husband).  He will send you paypal address.  He maybe putting together BRUCE’s BARGINS … individual items I find at thrift stores, or packages of laces, materials, trims etc at affordable prices – so everyone has a chance to create beautiful things!  So heads up <G>.


Alrighty – back to my doll work – but wanted to check in today and let you know the happy!  Whooo hooo!!!!  Yellow stockings/shoes without having to paint!!!





Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...
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