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Greetings and GOOD Morning!


Just a quick heads up – I will be selecting one lucky MDL member from the LEARN GROUP today


(YES sneaky ploy to get everyone logged into the group – so we can avoid the rush before class on Monday <G>)


ANYWAY …. One pair of yellow legs will be gifted to one lucky LEARN GROUP member. 


Recap:  MONDAY I am teaching the yellow dress doll from Titanic in our classroom (  This is a FREE class to all MDL members (and of course my annual SECRETS students).


There are NO KITS, NO dolls, NO supplies … nothing to purchase.  Just a gifty for our MDL members to start out APRIL with a bang <G>


BUT I did pour a few extra yellow legs in porcelain to give as gifts.  First one picked this morning!  So if you have friends that were going to join in – now is the time – its GIFTY time! Hahaha




PS … after this email – have mom the next few days so will be offline until weekend.  AND for everyone asking – yes the 10 day Covid quarantine is up – whooo hooo – feeling better – just super tired – this strain of Covid is completely different – go figure.

Marg Lawrence
Serena Swartz


Me gusta


Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...
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