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FRILLS & FANCY 2024 Subscription

FRILLS & FANCY 2024 Subscription


Greetings!  I am bringing back the fan favorite dollmaking ezine from 20 years ago - FRILLS AND FANCY.  This is something easy to do (on my laptop) by my mothers house when I care for her ... and a bit of fun showcasing tips and tricks in pictoral way.


TODAY - one day only - you can purchase a 2024 year subscription (at least 2-3 magazines) for $20.  After today - price is the standard $15 per issue.


I am attempting to learn the subscription button on my website - and need guinea pigs to add to it <G>.  There is nothing you need to do - at the VERY least - the ezines will be put into a FF LEARN GROUP ... at best - I will learn the automation <G>.

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