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Fuel for your Dollmaking Muse

-CLASSROOM   All Classes held 11am and 7pm CST
-REGISTRATION   Sign up in our online store
-KITS  Doll kits/Material only kits available in our online store
Marlowe full.jpg


Experienced Wigging Student


Graduation Gallery

Amelie by DANABurton.jpg

Kits available


Now on Sale
April/May Historic Wigging
Class series - and a few

doll kits available in store.

Jan class rio.jpg


Jan Wig Classes

Agnes, Empress & Lilah


Kits & Classes finished

coming soon.jpg

MDL Project

Woman of Interest

Information debuts

February lst, 2023

(i.e. Masquerade project)

Feb wigging class by DANA.jpg

Sold out

Historic Wigging

Feb & Mar (6 Classes)

Hair thru the Centuries

Graduation Certificate

Love 3.JPG


Steampunk - sold out

February 6th

10am and 6pm CST

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