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MDL (minidoll LIST)

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Greetings everyone! NEW ITEM (see end of email).

  1. May and June MDL projects (spoon sprites/dragon princess) are out and the galleries are filling up.

2. July class - Lady Violet is shipping now with 50% already done.

3. Laurie's Fall project doll (for September) is shipped.

Whooo hooo!

This leaves the AUGUST MDL project - VENETIAN MASQUERADE doll. Photo of the doll/material/kit purchase etc are in the online store.

Shipping goes up Saturday at noon - so I am also ordering from my suppliers BEFORE noon <G> tomorrow - Saturday to avoid this extra cost myself. So pre order for this kit is open - very limited and I will try to space out a few at a time in the store so everyone has a chance to purchase.



Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...
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