Rose Creek Characters ....

I'm sorry that I had to steal the train. but i just had to give it a few much needed upgrades. 



Thaddeus Gearbender (Robert A)

Repair man for Oceanus Water Walker the Treasures through Time Museum


PS please tell the Conductor to be careful 

when going past the speed of light!

Character Stories

#1 Maude School Teacher by Karen K
#2 Arabella
Socialite Assassin. Arabella comes from a long line of old money. Doll by Nell P
#3 Effie Machen
Effie's Exquisite Creations. Effie has just arrived from London with exquisite Millinery creations for the ladies of Rose Creek.
Lynn B
Miss Prunella Potter
Peaceful Passings Death Parlor. The town undertaker.
Tammy S
Pearl #5
Madam from the Old Homestead by Marilyn H
#6 Charlie
Left for dead in an Alley, Charlie was taken in by one of the Madams and sleeps in her back room.
-Jane L
#7 Raven (1/24th scale)
Mysterious time traveler that grows plants and special potions.
#8 Dolly's Mercantile
Henry Jones runs this fictional (and REAL LIFE supplier for us) store. Simply click to supplier link to view her items and discount code!
-Debbie J (KITZ!)
#9 Rosemary Toombs
Rosemary Toombs
Rose Creek Flower Shoppe

The daughter of the Secretary of State of the Confederacy, who travelled west for a new start with no skills but a love of flowers
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