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A little about me. I was born on 17 Dec.1947 which makes me 71 as of last birthday.

I was born in Scotland and emigrated to Australia in 1966 a week shy of my 19th birthday. I came here with my 3rd elder sister. My 2 oldest sisters came 2 years before. As they had met their future husbands they weren't coming home, so my sister that was left wanted to go to Australia too, and as I was the youngest I tagged along.

I have never given it a thought to be naturalized as I always say that I was born a Scot and I'll die a Scot.

I married almost 2years after I arrived in Australia and have had 4 children 2boys and 2girls. My 3rd baby and second daughter sadly only lived 36hours. We were devastated, we didn't know why, the Drs didn't know why so we didn't have answers until years later at 42 years old I was diagnosed with SLE or Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, then we had our answer. Although not officially diagnosed there was something wrong in my mid twenties but no Dr could tell me what.

I have only been dressing Dana's dolls for just on 3years, I left it a bit late.

I have done all the other regular things like knitting, crochet ,crossstitch, folkart painting and also bought my first dollhouse about 12years ago, a 12 roomed Mansion with basement and that gave me my mini bug.

I had as a child wished for one but all I had was a few shoeboxes all stuck together with windows and doors cut out. I loved it, I made the furniture and furnishings and a paper family and would spend hours playing with it. But. I grew up and put it aside when I started buying 45s and thinking of boys lol.

When I came to Australia it was all married life and babies.

Then when they all left the nest it was me time.

Until the Grandchildren came along. 2girls 1boy and they are the light of my life.

Well I had better stop before this introduction becomes a book.


Wilma K

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