MADAME P versus Madam

Greetings and good Morning everyone! This month (Feb) I am working on Cora/Madam for shipping orders. Some of you are confusing Madam (as in Harlot series) with Madame P (the March wigging club class).

I have attached the photos (please note Madame P is still a work in progress) to this post for clarification. Bruce has figured out the kits (now that I have the base doll finished) and updated the inventory in the online store ... https://www.danaburton.com/shop

My newsletter for Madame P goes out with a day or two (depending on how excited I get with decorations <G>). So if you would like a jump start on getting a kit before they are sold out - now is the time.

For those that would like to make this doll on their own, there is a FREE Wigging.Club class for her the last Monday in March.

Here is a listing of those that purchased MADAME P ... (as of 2/13). Please check to make sure your name is on the listing (if you ordered). THANK YOU for your patronage ... and


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See earlier email for reference ... apparently I can't add two items to a blog (i.e. document and photo). DANA


The first person to comment below ... wins a FREE Juliet kit (ie. from Romeo and Juliet) the April Wiggingclub class! Good luck!

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