Elouise Wigging Class Worksheet

Greetings and good evening! The ELouise wigging class will be held tomorrow in the classroom (see all details here, including a DANA clock - so you know EXACTLY what time to join in the fun) ...



The free wigging worksheet pdf is attached to this post.

Elouise Wigging Tutorial
Download PDF • 120KB


Contests and prizes will be given out in class and everyone is welcome to attend. Class sign up can be found here ... https://www.danaburton.com/copy-of-learn

The March class - Madame P is sold out, but as promised I always save one or two kits to put in the online store upon sending out newsletter announcing her completion.

The next upcoming class is Lily Elsie (Edwardian stage actress). There are a few pre-registrations left for this class in the online store found here ... https://www.danaburton.com/shop

Happy Creating! AND I look forward to Class and Comradery tomorrow! DANA

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The first person to comment below ... wins a FREE Juliet kit (ie. from Romeo and Juliet) the April Wiggingclub class! Good luck!

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