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Greetings and GOOD Morning everyone! A few creating tidbits …

Ethnic mold HINT ….

This week when I finished sending out the Ethnic doll bodies (all sold out this is not a sales pitch), I realized that some of you (other artists) may have issues trying to come up with ethnic features. I came across AnneMarie’s lady mold – and it worked just perfect as a substitute! (see photo).


Another hint for making mules, open toe slippers, or simply walking feet – is to use the barefoot mold (I’m thinking Parker Levi). You can use two legs for flat foot, or mix them up – and have one pointy for stepping forward and one flat. Simple but effective!


I know you are excited with her reveal, ladies and gents, but I just finished up the Ethnic porcelain bodies which means I had to scrub the entire work surface, clean my tools, clean my molds and let the dry out and mix up a big batch of Seelys (i.e. NY Doll company porcelain).

Now for those of you that pour … the Early Seelys porcelain was very thick (have a dozen cases) … and the new seems to be very watery. I struggled with that all day yesterday – until it dawned on me last night to just mix the two! Hahah – perfect! So after letting the air bubbles settle – I will be all set to start pouring Art Deco (sample doll bodies) and Lady Jane kits tomorrow.

Alrighty … just sharing some tips … big hug for now!


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