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Greetings!  Below is the current work load for Nov/Dec.  There will be no new doll kits until January.
As I finish the doll or kits ... and have extra's to sell ... I will list in my newsletter, at which point you have a chance to purchase them.  Please be aware I have no magic number to call for the Post Office shipping <G>.  Sometimes they are incredibly quick - sometimes a wait.
                      11/1 - just finished CORA (Hyde Park doll #2).  Pre-registered customers list coming HERE soon.
                      10/22 - just finished MADAM.  Here is a listing of the pre-registered customers (so you don't order twice).  
Old Kits I am working on


-Fallon Body

-Lady Gylda








-Lady Louise

-Raven Rose


Dolls being made

-Thelma & Pages

-#3 Nanny (Hyde)

Old Kits I am working on
New Kits shipping

-Cora (Hyde Park #2)


-Lola (Nov Class)






10/31 made CORA

10/22 made MADAM

10/15 made LOLA

10/10 - Arlette

10/8 - hat kits

10/6 - Tool supply kit

10/5 - SALENA

My goal is a clean slate?  For 2021. Getting there!

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