Orders ...

JULY its a creating month!
For all of you that pre-registered for dolls ... the creating drought is over!  hahah
I made 3 dolls in the last two weeks ... Morgana, Lily Elsie and Juliette.  On to Queen Thelma (and pages) and we're back on schedule!


PS ... please remember you can only pour a mold 2-3 a day.  Therefore I pour multiple molds per day to get to my 8 kits.  Sooo some people might already have Cora - and you rec'd Nanny.  You weren't missed, simply multi-tasking as many kits as possible.
Old Kits I am working on


-Fallon Body

-Lady Gylda








-Lady Louise

-Raven Rose

-Juliet (Pink Borgia)

Dolls being made

-Thelma & Pages

-Aug - Spooky witch Shssushing pumpkin

Old Kits I am working on
Kits shipping


-Madam P



-Lily Elsie



working on various kits especially Grace and Juliette to get out before classes