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Its MAY!  Whoo hooo!  As many of you know, April was a complete wash with the Covid shutdown at the public building (housing my studio downtown) so I tried to pack up, move things back home to work on - then move everything back.  Nightmare. A month wasted.
However - May we have moderators for the list all month, 3 online classes to look forward to ... and I'm concentrating on Cora, Nanny and Madam P.  (there are over 65 kits per doll - and on a GOOD week I can get out 40 - 45 kits).  So if I'm quiet you know what I'm doing<G>.
PS ... please remember you can only pour a mold 2-3 a day.  Therefore I pour multiple molds per day to get to my 8 kits.  Sooo some people might already have Cora - and you rec'd Nanny.  You weren't missed, simply multi-tasking as many kits as possible.
Old Kits I am working on


-Fallon Body

-Lady Gylda








-Lady Louise

-Raven Rose


Dolls being made

-Saelah (ebook)

-Thelma & Pages

-Lily Elise



JULY - Spooky witch Shssushing pumpkin

Old Kits I am working on
Kits shipping


-Madam P


MAY 2021 

-4th =