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May MDL Calendar
Download PDF • 236KB




To keep everyone on the same page …..


Print this – put page in binder – and you have ALL the information you need to compete in online class prizes or the reference material for the BIG CROSSWORD PUZZLE at the end of the month.




  1. TODAY and TOMORROW (April 29th and 30th) I will provide you with all the details for this upcoming month.  PRINT OUT THE PAGES. 

 This leaves the rest of the moderators free to have their sunshine day without interruptions from me.


  1. AFTER TODAY …. All files, tutorials, pdfs that need to be accessed during the month …………. – will be put in the MDL LEARN GROUP files .  One specific place ….. to view, download, catchup.  I explained this a few weeks ago – and 75 of you have already made sure you accessed the free group!  IF you have any questions accessing this – SERENA is the wonderful staff face behind the HELP TAB on my website.


  1. The CALENDAR for MAY is attached to this email.  Items on it will be used in the upcoming GRAND PRIZE crossword puzzle contest at the end of the month.




Nora Moore


Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...

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