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Greetings and good Morning!


As your moderator today – I am happy to officially welcome you to FANTASY month!


Attached to this email is a crossword puzzle (easy) to get you started.  Today’s crossword puzzle answers will all come from the MAY CALENDAR (MDL) of moderators that I sent you last week and asked you to print out <G>.  IF you did not do this – here is the info one last time (after this you are on your own <G>).


#1 … go to and select MDL LEARN GROUP.  There is no cost.

#2 … either read the messages or go to files and print out Calendar


Each Monday that I moderate this month – I will post a crossword puzzle from pdfs or events I do on MONDAY”S.  So please – when I ask you print something out – it is not a SALES item (I don’t have anything really for sale <G>) but to avoid an inbox of WHATTT?  Whats going on?  Or WHERE do I find it?  I simply have not a smidge of extra time right now – so thank you in advance!


Everyone that sends the printed answers (i.e.


#1 – is ….

#2 – is … etc


By 7pm CST (Chicago time zone) will be sent a wigging tutorial (brand new.






Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...

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