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Greetings and GOOD Morning everyone!


A few business notes …


#1 … anyone that has photos for the Customer Gallery at the end of the month – (you can send them at any point during the month).  Then I simply upload everything once near the end of the month.


#2 … TODAY is sales day <G> WED.   You are welcome to put your miniature and doll related items for sale here on the list


#3 … MDL sections.  The minidoll List has many ways for different kinds of folks to find joy in creating miniature dolls!  Access to all is FREE!


  • IF you would like daily interaction, you can talk and discuss on the i.o. daily email group.

  • If you would like to check in occasionally and FACEBOOK is your thing – we have a sister site there.

  • IF you would like a place to catch up on tutorials (from DANA) and her projects, free classes, join in the MDL LEARN group on

  • IF you want a quick read of what is going on – simply click to (the above website) and click the MDL tab to view our webpage


#4 … I am writing articles again for AMERICAN MINIATURIST … the next one coming up is our own YELLOW DRESS from Titanic.  So if you downloaded the free tutorial in the LEARN GROUP (or took the class last Monday) well you are a step ahead of that upcoming project!


#5 … Many of you know I help take care of my mother.  I have tried pouring porcelain, working on dolls or cutting kits during those long days … but she is just such a sweetie (big sigh) she wants to help.  The only thing I can do to be productive (while she sleeps to movies) is work on the laptop.  For some reason that signals work – and she doesn’t want to help.  Soooo I am bringing back the FRILLS AND FANCY from a decade ago – (a tutorial dollmaking ezine).


The first issue or two is LOST DREAMS - fantasy art dolls.  Now this could include Steampunk, angels, fairies, and beautiful dolls that don’t quite fall into traditionally dressed historical clothing (or read – here is the chance for you to get your sexy on hahaha!).


WHAT can you do?

  1. Once I finish the issue – I will be putting it up for sale individually in my online shop – (think end of May) for summer issue

  2. If you would like to showcase (1) FANTASY doll for the Gallery (free) … wait until May lst for the information

  3. If you are a vendor and have Fantasy related items for sale (see #2)


AND that is all for now!  Big hug and just a quick update for all those curious minds …





Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...

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