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MDL (minidoll LIST)

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Greetings and GOOD morning everyone!

Here are today’s updates …

#1 … WOW … did we receive a LOT of wonderful doll entries for the JANUARY (just make it) Gallery! Here is the direct link ….

#2 … the winner of the MDL LEARN GROUP contest (about what techniques are giving you issues) … is LYLA! Congrats!! You officially are registered for the late spring (May) pretty lady kit for the upcoming AM tutorial.

#3 … all the information sent to me (i.e. what you are having trouble with) has been saved to a file – so we can unpack it and use this as topics daily. Some of the things I haven’t done or know either – so something for us all to learn!

#4 … all photos are uploaded to the gallery. All emails are answered. SECRETS class is in about 90 minutes. The last RAK box is being sent out today – so they are all happy and done for the winter mailing (round #1).

#5… Marilyn H (our amazing SWAP coordinator) has sent out the swap names. Now time to find that pretty card … and put a special jewelry finding in (or two) for the upcoming February STEAMPUNK month and (yes a little happy to look forward to coming in the mail).

#6 … people are asking if they have to join all 3 MDL sections. They are all a bit different – simply pick the one that works best for you … here are the distinctions …

-MDL website has now moved to a link on due to cost (click here to learn all the details and how to join in)

-MDL daily newsletter/group is the most active and the heart of our dollmaking/learning. This is the IO group

-MDL FACEBOOK group is a way to gather new members that are only on social media. That group actually has more members on it – but less posts. When I remember … I post the daily newsletter items on there …

-MDL LEARN GROUP is a place to hold the files, photos, contest information – in place of a website.

Alrighty ---- hope that helps explain … and for now … HAPPY CREATING! DANA

PS …. I have a lot of emails asking about when a new doll kit is coming out. Currently I am working on orders and dressing Marcia B dolls. BUT I was just asked for a pretty lady seated, looking thru her jewelry box … i.e. LADY VIOLET. Her pre-registration for the full doll/material/tutorial kit is in the



Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...
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