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MDL (minidoll LIST)

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Hey everyone – trying to get my moderating in a bit early ….. (Love the Queen of Hearts!)





WHAT:  Use any doll and a teacup – however you creatively wish.


WHEN:  Photos due on last day of July


WHY:  MDL ribbons are back in stock!  We will have a winner in each category – as well as a gallery for those that just want to showcase their work




  1.  ABSOLUTE BEGINNER (made under 2 or less dolls)

  2.  Experienced (make dolls for sale)


  1. Creative use of the teacup design

  2.  Prettiest dressed doll

  3.  Best Wigged Doll

  4.  Most Magical design

  5.  Steampunk or Gothika type


HOW this will work.  Make your doll in a teacup, on a teacup, by a teacup.  Mermaid floating in tea?  Bathtub?  Or fairy peaking out from under a turned upside down teacup?  Family nestled in the teacup bed while granny watches waving a flower strand for a little air current while they sleep?  Etc etc


Send ONE PHOTO to ME ( by the last day of July.  I will make one of the online galleries to showcase everyone’s work.


IF you fit into A or B categories– please let me know.

C-F will be voted on by the members of MDL (poll) can remain nameless if you wish


All category winners receive a special printed MDL ribbon!


ONE lucky person – will be randomly drawn (not a winner) for a beautiful selection of silk.


All prizes paid by the last RAK donation/sale.


WHOooooo HOOO!  Fun and let the creative bells start working!


Pearl V.


Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...
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