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RAK ... what is a RAK? I am going thru emails - and to save time - just putting the information here ...

Since 1999 we have prided ourselves as a group - to helping anyone - anywhere, in any location - make miniature dolls.

At the end of each year, we put out a call for people that need a helping hand (thru 3-4 boxes sent a year) full of tools, accessories, trims, laces, fabrics, doll bodies etc. In January - a box is sent to each RAK recipient (RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESS) .... and upon completion of the doll kit in the box - another box is sent.

These boxes are ONLY for MDL members ... and to be honest - those that post at least 2-3 times a week on the list are more likely to get a box. We have have been burned in the past - sending out the first box - and then nothing is made ... so now - anyone that spends 10 minutes a week on the list has an open chance to winning the *RAK draw* in December.

In the next post - I showcase what is done with all these wonderful supplies - incase you want to start collecting items yourself to create.



Our MDL originated in 1999. We have a long standing traditi...

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