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Pearl 37
Petite Bateau de Peche - owned by Susan M.
Steampunk Time Traveler
Beauty Jewelry Shop
Dominique V runs a high end beauty and jewelry shop, making sure everyone looks like Royalty. She has a secret at the shop about ....
Pearl V
#40 Miss Emma Adelaide
Always a proper lady, Emma's door is always open to anyone that needs a kind word or smile.
-Kim M
41 Mari-Ann
Kindergarten school teacher by Marianne A.
#42 Faith Christianson
Town Librarian, and character in Sarah's real life book!
-Sarah C
#43 Sarah in the Cemetary
by Shirley L
#44 Deputy Duke
Dandy Western Duke married to Marley with two small children.
-Diana F
#45 Elizabeth Collins
Kindergarten teacher by Charlotte L. See backstory below.
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