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#28 Sarah Winchester
In her home, by Sandrine.
#29 Evan Simms
Evan runs the *once upon a time* clock shop in Rose Creek. Most of his clocks turn into steampunk machines. -Nathalie G
#30 Ima Rose
Editor of the Town Newspaper
-Wanna n
#31 Klaus Schmidt
Blacksmith from Germany. Doll hand sculpted.
Vicar's Wife
Bonnie Glazier
#33 Post Office - Clara Bow
Clara Bow is a young spinster lady of 16. She took over the PO from her father. Clara lives at the back of the Post office.
More info in her bio ...
Connie W
#34 Stage Coach
Passengers waiting for the horses to be hooked up.

Rhonda K
Miss Lucy *MA* Gee
Strong minded "wimin". Has been know to ride astride and shoots mighty fine. Family from a long line of Blacksmiths.
-Laurie Sisson
#36 MelvaDean Stanton McAnary
Suffragette, social reformer and high enthusiasm resident of Rose Creek, ready to move on her latest cause. By Wanna in El Paso
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