#19 Dr Tabitha Anderson
She is the lady doctor and her bio is below She is firm and has strong opinions but clever caring and a good friend
#20 Hop Sing Lee
hop Sing Lee along with his son Skip Sing Lee are time travelers to the mid 1950's in San Francisco.
-Moonyeen M
#21 Sagebrush Sally
Outcast female gunslinger
-Carrie L
Vampire performer in the MIDNIGHT Circus that just arrived in town.

-Marlene V
Oceanus #23
Proprietor of the Treasures thru Time Museum
-Misty B
#24 Ladye's - Out West
Mrs. Adelaide invites you to come on by and peruse her goods. Click link below for bio.
-Kathi M
Ms. Tallulah Rose
Tallulah is the dog governess. Her father Oliver was the co-founder of Rose Creek.
Miss Maybelle
Miss Maybelle and her magic mirrors keep her young. By Joan Carn
Slim Hardy #27
Slim has come to town with his dog - Charlie after prospecting for gold. What will he buy?
-Marg L
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