Rose Creek Suppliers ...

by JIL

Dolly's Mercantile

(i.e. KITZ!) is a General Store that sells *Goods for Home & Ranch* as well as soft goods such as Cloth, Patterns, and Women's Finery.
Special ROSE CREEK Category can be found on Deb's website, and a 15% off coupon code for items purchased on that page.

Rose Creek Floral Shoppe

Mari Smith-Welch creates stunning floral decoration for our miniature dolls and settings - anytime of the year.

"Limited Edition Rose Creek Rose" 

$8 each ($9 if 2 leaf clusters included)
plus $8 shipping in US (international rates vary). 

(i.e. aMusingMiniatures) is a Mail Order Catalog Counter located in Rose Creek.  Jennie Anne can arrange to have both Hand Crafted and Manufactured Goods shipped right to your doorstep; no need to saddle or hitch up the horses.
This is a (real life) miniature supplier.  Handmade catalog

Jennie Anne's Parts & Parcels

Millie's Millinery and Supplier of fine things ...

Millie opened up her shop 5 years go and business has been brisk with all the extra "ladies" moving into the town.


She has decided she needs to take on an apprentice hat maker and to find the perfect person for the job she has decided to give a few hat making classes and see who might have a talent for hat making.  Register for the classes by contacting

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